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Writer, Fangirl, Content-Creator, Meaningful Chaos-Maker, & Cringe-Embracer

Lazarus Rises (amongst other things)

Amazon Bestseller in Poetry
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An esteemed author and well respected content creator in the fandom community, Berklie Novak-Stolz creates meaningful chaos in all facets of her presence. From expressing the crushing weight of grief through fluid poetry in her book Lazarus Rises (amongst other things), to creating an online presence which promotes creativity and inclusivity, Berklie uses her words to move, promote, and support those who may feel they do not have a voice. Her work towards a more accepting community is not only nurtured through her words, but her also her actions. Berklie has raised nearly 40,000 dollars through grassroots campaigns for a myriad of charities across the globe in addition to her charitable work with Misha Collins' Random Acts and Hank Green's Awesome Socks Club.

Berklie's attention to detail, emotional openness, and charitable actions contribute to her ability to write with empathy and poise. 


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Lazarus Rises (amongst other things)

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Incredible collection of grief and perseverance. Religious undertones, but even as an atheist I was able to appreciate and connect with the poetry. Definitely loved every page, and most now have tear stains on them and highlighter marks. 9.8/10 will be recommending to everyone.

Mariah Thorpe, 

Amazon Review

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